Jan 12 2017

Places, Please.

To my fellow cast and crew —
Designers, directors, performers, shape-shifters,
Noise-makers, ticket-takers, hat-passers,
Artisans, actors, activists, and ancestors,


Places, please, for the top of Twenty Seventeen.

All you
Who seek and speak and study the living languages of spirit,
You, who listen to the Muses and twist the twelvefold tongues of music,
We need you in the wings, now.


We need you standing by.
All you
Who know how to break walls down with a slight side-eye,
And thoughts unspoken
You, who know the dying art of being broken-open,
All you
Who know how to

And then how to shift focus,
How to draw the crowds’ attention to matters of importance,
Who craft tactual

Just by being
In The Moment,

And to all who can hear me,
Who know how to breathe…

Places, please.

I repeat,


Who reach deep for motivation,
Who strip your Selves stark naked,
YOU who
What needs saying
When (and because) it needs saying,
You who cause by-heart lines to ignite as revelations,
And who have the guts to trust
The trickster-god, “Improvisation”

And all you
Who paint with light, and render reality from dreams, and
You, who stitch miracles together when shit unravels at the seams,
To all you who make mountains
And move them on a cue,

To all
Who do
What We Do:

The time has come

To transport. To transform.
To turn the streets into our stages,
To pull the right words off their pages,
Or out of thin air,
Or out of old wounds,
To flesh out the barest bones
And call down the ancient ones,
With sacred poems,

To make something


The curtain

Let us commit
To our choices
(and to each other.)
Let us support
Our voices
(And one another.)
Let us
Now allow our hearts to lead,
and get this show on the road!

Places, PLEASE.

A Fucking. 

Jul 08 2016

Dear ATC, We Need a Heart to Heart

The announcement came last Monday morning: The bad news: Without a $2 million miracle, the Arizona Theatre Company could be shutting its doors- “winding down operations and cancelling the 50th Anniversary season.” The good news: Those of us on this year’s Summer On Stage staff will not be affected. The program is fully funded and […]

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Aug 13 2014

In the Wake of Fallen “Genius”

Within the flood of remembrances for a certain, recently-departed soul, I keep seeing the word “genius” used again and again… and I see a feeling of personal loss among so many… But why should we care so much for anyone we did not really know? Why should we feel such a loss when they leave? […]

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Feb 28 2013

A letter to my first love…

Dear Theatre, I know that you and I have been going through a rough patch lately… but I’ve done a lot of soul-searching and I need to tell you: I Fucking Love You, Theatre — Dearly, deeply and completely, from the bottom of my heart. The truth is I’ve been madly in love with you […]

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Sep 11 2012

New website launched

Today I’ve launched my new website! Please look around, and post comments on my work if you feel so inclined. Please also visit again soon, as I’ll be adding more and more artwork, jewelry, masks and hair work every week. I’ll also be putting fresh creations up for sale here on the website regularly.

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